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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Don't miss these events in the 1st Iloilo Mega Book Festival on November 8-11

This November 8-11, 2018 is the 1st Iloilo Mega Book Festival.  This event's goal is to promote reading among Ilonggos and the rich local literature. I will also be joining as one of the writers with my own zine to sell. For more information on the program of the even, check out my previous blog post:

There are many varied activities and these are things you can do in the Book Fair:

See the Book Exhibit
There will be a West Visayan Book Fair showcasing 100 books by West Visayas and Ilonggo authors. There will be an exhibit of historical and contemporary literature. I am excited about this one, I am aware of Ilonggo authors but I haven't read much of their works.

Buy books
There will be books for sale, so don't miss it. It is difficult to get hold of local books, and most of them have limited print runs. You might find something you like by local authors.

See the Book Launching of new books by Kasingkasing Press
There will be a Book Launching and signing of new books by Kasingkasing Press, a local publisher specializing in literature by local artists and writers. These are the books to be launched:
Salamangka Artbook by Daniel Ledesma Tinagan
Food for the Crows by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
Creepy Ilonggo by Carlo Anton S. Borromeo

Listen to the free talks
Writers will have talks on various topics for free:
Nov. 8, 2PM: LitTalk1: The State of Western Visayas Literature Book Publishing by Alex C. Delos Santos of Datu Lubay Center, Inc.

Nov. 10: Queer Shipping: What Makes Queer Fanfiction Attractive to Millenials by Ms. Katte Vergara, Writer
How and Why Start a Business: Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs
Ms. Christina Estorque, Book Latte

There will also be Panel talks by various authors such as "Contemporary West Visayan Literature: Hiligaynon, Kinaray-a, and Akeanon" on Nov. 10 2PM, and "Literary Queer Talks and Identities with Emerging West Visayan Writers" on Nov. 10 2:30PM.

Attend the classes on art and writing
There are also various paid classes by local artists and writers. (for more information about the artists and registration, please refer to this Facebook post)

Listen to spoken poetry at Poetika or read your works
Poetika: an evening of poetry and other expressions will be held during the Zinefest at November 10, 6PM.

Join the Book Trade
If you have your own pre-loved books to sell, you can join the Book Trade.

Join the Book Swap
If you have books you'd like to exchange for different ones, you may find new books in the Book Swap. For each book you give for exchange, you will have a ticket for one book to choose from all the books available. I attended a previous Book Swap in Book Latte and got great books.

Join the Zinefest
Click the poster for more details :)

The Iloilo Zinefest 5 will be on November 10-11 in Festive Walk Mall. Writers and artists will sell their self-published works or 'zines'. "A zine – derived from magazine – is an independently self-published, small-circulation booklet, often created by a single person. They are also often “xeroxed” or photocopied folios or chapbooks." Over 200 artists and writers will sell their zines on this event.

I am also one of the writers selling my works and these are what I'm selling:

Pleiades upon the stones and others tales is my zine last year and for this year, I added one story and made a different, simpler cover. It has 5 short stories.

Atlantis: stories and poetry is my new zine, with four short stories and five poems. For more information on my zine, you can check out my posts on Instagram. I'm selling them for 50 pesos each and they might be available for order online but that depends on how many copies are left. See you on November 10-11 in the Zinefest! We might also have "Poetry in the Moment" again, where you can buy poems - give us a topic, and we'll write something for you! This was the unexpected hit last year. Me and Charlyn Mateo will be there again.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Unemployment blues and dealing with it

Yes, I don't currently have work. I am applying for some and I am waiting for the results, but whether I get accepted or not, it's okay. My current top priority is I want to finish my Master's degree in Library Science, I only have Thesis Writing left. If I will not be able to work, then that's my focus and I will try my best to finish it as soon as I can. Honestly, I was battling with myself whether to continue my MLIS or not - just going to school drains me out, but I thought that it's better to finish it now that I'm very near the finish line. I passed all my subjects and passed all my comprehensive exams without the need for retaking, and all that money and effort would go to waste. Maybe it's just dread and slight depression talking.

I want to talk about unemployment. Even if it is reasonable due to other priorities, it has its ill effects. I had periods of not working before. After graduation, I focused on reviewing for the board exam and wasn't fully employed. I volunteered and worked as an intern in a few libraries to keep myself preoccupied during the review. After I quit my first job in Manila, I returned home and tried to apply for jobs here. It was a few months of waiting before I got a contractual job as a cataloger in my university library, then taught for Library Science for a short time. I'm not really cut out for teaching, it's not for me. And I am not working at the moment - I was traveling from May to August and stayed in Manila, Taiwan, and Malaysia. 

Some thoughts on my short periods I was not employed:

You are more prone to depression. Everyone is working and having their life in a set routine. I used to hate the idea of routine in daily work, but I realized that it's safe. When you don't have work, you have to work a lot to keep from being lazy. If you become depressed, it's a difficult hole to get out of and you must be careful not to let it turn to a vicious cycle - you're depressed and it makes you unconfident in looking for work, and since you don't have a job, you tend to feel depressed - you get the picture.

You question your self-worth. I graduated with honors, even aced the board exam, and have a pretty good working attitude. So why don't I have a job and every place seems to reject me? I realized that sometimes it's not me - institutions and organizations are busy and there are many situations that really don't have anything to do with you. It's worse in government libraries. I learned the hard way that's it's not what you know but who you know. I applied twice in public libraries, didn't get accepted, and it was frustrating.

You get susceptible to "business opportunities". I think when you are not employed and looking for any opportunity, you are more vulnerable to people who want to take advantage of you. I'm speaking of Network Marketing people. I totally respect the industry and I have some friends in the multi-level marketing business, but I had some pretty bad experiences with some people. I remember someone. At first, they tried to make friends and pretended to want to get to know me, but it made me feel sad that in the end they just wanted to present their product and make me their downline. I respect that it's their job, but I felt manipulated into it. It's just not healthy for an already depressed mind. It gets you thinking, do they really want me as friend or as a downline? 

I do use some MLM business products and some of them are great and legit, but selling is not just my thing and I do not like it when some of them (not all) shame those who work in regular jobs. Just remember to always research, check the facts, and be objective when it comes to offers like this.

What to do? They say that librarians are on demand in the Philippines, but some circumstances may make us have a difficult time looking for jobs. If you are unemployed, it's important to have supportive friends and have a set routine even if you are looking for jobs. Exercise is a cheap anti-depressant. I'm falling on and off the wagon of physical activity but it works wonders on your brain. 

In all honesty, I'm even questioning if I want to be a librarian or pursue a different career path. My focus now is finishing my MLIS and maybe think of whatever the hell I really want to be after that.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Banaag Festival in Anilao, Iloilo this October 2018

The Philippines is rich in festivals. Almost every month, a festival is celebrated in each province to commemorate a historical or important event. One of the festivals in Iloilo City is the Banaag Festival of Anilao this October: 

The Philippines’ Best Tourism Municipal Festival
Press Release by media.Xchange PR 

More people are expected to flock to the charming town of Anilao, Iloilo this month to witness for themselves the much-awaited and talked about festivities of what has been officially proclaimed as the Best Tourism Municipal Festival in the country -- the Anilaonon’s very own Banaag Festival.

Also known as the Festival of Lights, the Banaag Festival is a cultural tradition in Anilao, Iloilo which was inspired by local sentinels during the Spanish era who guarded bamboo watchtowers and warned residents of incoming pirates by lighting the torch as a signal to flee. Thus, the torch became a precious symbol of unity for the Anilaonons, and this beautiful burning light has become the source of pride and inspiration for the people throughout the years.

In line with Anilao’s 79th Foundation Anniversary this year, the 14th Banaag Festival brings in more reasons to celebrate after being recently proclaimed as the Grand Winner of Best Tourism Event (Festival Category, Municipal Level) in the 19th Pearl Awards of the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines-Department of Tourism (ATOP-DOT) held in Cagayan De Oro earlier this month.

Fresh from this win, the 2018 Banaag Festival boasts of fiercer and more spectacular performances as the week-long festivities culminate in the Dance Drama Competition among eight competing tribes who will vie for the championship with their own unique stage interpretation of the town’s rich history. How these tribes will use the symbolic torch light in their colorful performances is definitely worth waiting for.

Gracing this year’s Banaag Festival to lead the symbolic lighting of the torch on October 31 is Iloilo 4th District Congressman Ferjenel “Dok Ferj” Biron, who joins the Anilaonons’ celebration and commits to giving national awareness to this great victory among the people in his district. He will be joined by Anilao Mayor Lee Ann Debuque and Barotac Nuevo Mayor Braeden John Biron in igniting an even brighter and culturally enriching future for Anilao and for the whole province of Iloilo as well.

Here are the remaining activities and schedule for this year’s Banaag Festival:
- Opening Program and Banaag sa Langit (October 29, 7:00 p.m., Anilao Municipal Centennial Park)
- Balik-Anilao and JAD Excellence Awards (October 30, 7:00 p.m., Anilao Municipal Centennial Park)
- Dance Drama Competition (October 31, 6:00 p.m., Anilao Covered Gym)
- Thanksgiving Mass (November 1, 2:00 p.m., St. Rita of Cascia Parish).

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Cold Skin [movie and book review]

“We are never very far from those we hate. For this very reason, we shall never be truly close to those we love."

I was looking for new movies to watch and I read about the movie Cold Skin from Caitlin R. Kiernan's blog. It is adapted from the book originally written in Catalan, La Pell Freda by the Spanish author Albert Sánchez Piñol. I read the English version of the book after the movie so I'll talk about it later in the post.

The summary: "In 1914, on the edge of the Antarctic Circle, a ship approaches a desolate island, far from all shipping lanes. On board is a young man who is on his way to assume the post of weather observer and live in solitude at the end of the earth. He finds no trace of the man he has been sent to replace, just a deranged castaway who has witnessed a horror he refuses to name. For the next twelve months, his entire world will consist of a deserted cabin, trees, rocks, silence, and the surrounding sea."

A young man named Friend is assigned as a weather official in a remote island for one year. He is set to replace the former weather official, but he is nowhere to be found. In this desolate job, there is only one other person on the island - Gruner, the lighthouse caretaker. They don't exactly meet on good terms. Little did Friend know that Gruner has kept useful information - like the horde of amphibious, humanoid sea creatures that attack at night. When Friend loses everything to a fire in an attempt to defeat the creatures, he and Gruner must know work together in the lighthouse to fend off the monsters attacking them each night.

Aura Garrido plays the female 'sea monster'
Gruner has many secrets, and Friend finds out that he keeps a female creature as a slave. Friend struggles with survival, his rocky relationship with Grunner, his growing sympathy for the creatures and his feelings developing for Gruner's slave. Think The Shape of Water, gender-reversed, but bloodier and more inexplicable. Yes, it goes to that, if that's what you're thinking. 

Friend and Aneris
Gruner and the lighthouse
Gruner hates these creatures, and Friend seems to go along to survive. Friend discovers that Gruner physically and sexually abuses the creature, though it's unclear why she's staying. Soon, Friend and the creature bond and form a friendship. He gives her a name, Aneris (which is an anagram of the word sirena or mermaid). After many attacks, the creatures seem to be communicating a truce to the humans, but Gruner doesn't react well. 

The cinematography, costume, and prosthetics in the movie are very good. The setting itself is beautiful, inspiring feelings of dread, loneliness, and isolation. There are very suspenseful and action-packed scenes where night falls and the creatures try to attack the lighthouse by the dozens and soon, by the hundreds. Though she never speaks a word and only communicates through facial expressions, movement, and sound, Aneris was a very believable 'monster'. What really shines in the movie is the scenes between Friend and Aneris - sympathetic, curious, and caring (to Gruner's jealousy). 

Gruner becomes worse, while Friend is slowly becoming open to a truce that the creatures seem to want. They have stopped attacking after Friend and Gruner's biggest attack on them, and Aneris frees herself from Gruner and returns to her fellow creatures. We see why Gruner has exiled himself at the ends of the Earth, his self-imposed isolation and hatred for the world. Friend is young, seeking solitude but finds a different kind in the island. It leads to a somewhat tragic ending for one of the characters, but overall the story went to a great conclusion.

The Book
I always read the book version of a movie if I like a movie enough. I've written about movie-to-book adaptations I liked such as Rogue One and Labyrinth. As for books turned to movies, I'm not a total purist where I expect that the movie will follow every detail in a book. Books and movies are different storytelling mediums, and some things work better for a movie or a book.

The movie does not follow the book strictly, it had some changes plot-wise and character-wise. I'm not really into the portrayal of the female creature in the book, where the sex was more on the side of bestiality. The movie portrayed her more human-like in her feelings, while in the book she was more beast-like and feral, treated as "less than human" - well, she isn't, but as the only female character (or stand-in for female) there, I just wasn't into it. It is more explicitly stated that Friend is in love with her, but their differences will forever make her elusive and unknowable.

The writing is good, anyway. It is told from the first-person perspective of Friend and it's a good voice to read and follow the story with. The conflict and dialogue between Gruner and Friend are funnier and also covered more than the movie. They also changed the ending of the book in the movie. In the movie, it ended in an open-ended and mysterious way which upset some viewers, but for me, it's a perfect ending, the kind of ending I always look for and like in stories. The book's ending was quite anti-climactic and "meh" - but I'm glad that the movie had its own vision.

They also added some visual elements and details in the movie not present in the book. There was a scene in the film where Friend opens the former weatherman's notebook and there are scientific sketches and references to Charles Darwin. There are circles of stones in the shore, made by the creatures, and a way they use to communicate to Friend. It reminds me of a Joseph Campbell quote that said something like "Draw a circle around a thing, and it becomes sacred."

The closest movie you can compare it to is The Shape of Water, but there's really nothing similar on both movies except for a sea creature and a human "fall in love". Though for me, it's better and it's everything The Shape of Water was not, and what I wanted it to be. I also know it's not everyone's cup of tea based on the reviews I've searched online, but it's just my kind of story.

Monday, October 15, 2018

A Star is Born [movie reaction]

I first saw the trailer of A Star is Born when I watched Crazy Rich Asians (link to my review) in SM Aura last August. That trailer was so beautiful it made me cry. I usually dislike movie trailers with all their sound effects and flashiness to attract viewers. For me, most trailers are overdramatic and sometimes does not actually reflect the movie and often create expectations that disappoint. This film's trailer showed what the story will be about: an aspiring singer who has given up on herself and the established star who believes in her and helps her make her dreams come true. It took me a while to realize that the lead actress is Lady Gaga! She had no makeup, she dressed like a normal person and dyed her hair back to her natural color.

I like Lady Gaga and her music, but I haven't really caught up on it since her Born This Way era. As an artist, I really admire how she evolves and her music is different in every album. A Star is Born also has music, and it's very different from the usual Lady Gaga songs when we think of her. I think that's great because you hear Ally's music (her character), not Lady Gaga.

In this story, Ally (Lady Gaga) is a waitress who also sings on drag bars. Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), a famous rock star going around town after a concert looking for a drink, happens to go to the place where Ally sings. Jackson immediately likes her and they talk and get to know each other. Fans recognize Jackson and ask for pictures, which led to Ally punching a guy. Jackson asks her if she writes her own songs, and Ally reveals that she has tried but has given up. Ally sings a song she wrote for Jackson, which moves him. He invites Ally to his Arizona concert. Ally quits her job the same day and goes.

To her shock, Jackson plays her song "Shallow" and invites her to go onstage. Though initially nervous, Ally goes and sings her heart out. Shallow is a really beautiful song and it's the pivotal scene of the whole movie. Ally finally gets noticed, believes in herself again, and their relationship begins. Though they're off to a good start, personal problems start to creep in. Jackson is an alcoholic with a worsening hearing problem, and when Ally finally gets to be a solo artist and becomes more successful than him, he gets worse.

Ally, who used to write songs on the country/rock genre, is now marketed as a pop singer. Jackson reminds her that she has to 'dig deep' and be authentic to her audience. Soon, Ally and Jackson must separate for a short period because of tours. Ally has her own tour coming up and Jackson has his tour too, where Ally was supposed to go with him. Jackson wakes up drunk in a friend's garden. Ally follows him and Jackson proposes with an engagement ring he tied from a string of a guitar.

Maybe a proposal is an exciting thing, but when they got married I felt dread. Ally is showing signs of codependency on Jack. And I felt quite awful for Ally because they married just when Ally was in the brink of success - is Jack trying to jeopardize Ally's success somehow? Then Jack actually shows insecurity and jealousy at Ally's success and tries to bring her down by hitting on her insecurities. "You're so fucking ugly," he tells her once, and sure it hit Ally's buttons.

Ally gets nominated for the Grammy's, and on the event itself, Jack is wasted which led to the most embarrassing and cringe-worthy scene in the movie. Jack passes out and eventually has to go to rehab for his alcoholism.

Things look like they are improving. Jack leaves rehab, the couple moves to a new house with a cute dog. Ally dreams of touring with Jackson again, but her manager disagrees. Her manager soon confronts Jackson and tells him that he is a disgrace to Ally's career. This hurts Jackson, which leads to the movie's tragic ending.

I must say that all the actors were perfect for their roles, especially Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The other actor that stood out for me the most was Sam Elliott as Bobby, Jackson's older brother who raised him. Bobby's there for Jackson, even if Jackson hates it. Since Jackson has a hearing problem, Bobby almost always has to lean close to Jackson and touch his face to get his attention. Every scene with them together was powerful and heartbreaking. Jackson's parents died when he was very young, so his relationship with his brother is heavy. As for the other actors, I have no comments at all.

As for the story, I felt that the relationship between Ally and Jackson was quite rushed? Well, it's a 2-hour long movie and I get that sometimes you have to get it on right away so you have time to explore their relationship and the story. There was really no explanation why Ally suddenly transitioned to pop and not on the genre she usually writes songs on with Jackson. Ally's song "Why did you do that to me?" really is not the best song in the soundtrack. It sounds like something from Lady Gaga's Just Dance era.

As for the music, it is excellent. I'm listening to the soundtrack on Spotify and each song has a special energy and as Lady Gaga says, Bradley sings from his soul and he wrote some songs himself. The song I really like is "Diggin' my Grave" because their two voices complement well. "Always Remember Us This Way" is the Ally song that's also perfect for the story. It's great how the actors worked hard to create believable characters for the film.

Prepare to cry for the last scene of the movie where Ally sings a song Jackson wrote - "I'll Never Love Again." It sounds like something from Celine Dion or Whitney Houston, those really dramatic love songs but it is very appropriate for the story and how it ended.

When I think of the movie, the themes are complex. It talks about codependency, the price of fame, alcoholism, yet it also tackles inspiration, following your dreams, and having support as an artist. Jackson was in a sensitive position in his own healing, and the demands and expectations of the industry have taken a toll on him.

For me, I know that many people suffer from addiction and alcoholism, but this is also a dangerous stereotype. There's this notion that for artists to be great, they have to experience suffering and have a host of inner demons somehow. But I've realized that we can also have art from a place of joy, abundance, and happiness. Jackson is probably the epitome of the alcoholic artist.

I love how serious and sincere this movie is. We're so used to cynicism, and this is a very hard and truthful look at a relationship that isn't always good. It may be uncomfortable to see Jack struggle with his demons and Ally doing her best for her husband and her career too. Ally having her dreams come true and believing in her own talent is beautiful, but it also has a price. A Star is Born also leaves viewers with questions and rethink how we deal with the people we love most who are struggling. A Star is Born is an unforgettable movie with a timeless story.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Venom [movie reaction]

When the trailer for Venom dropped months ago, you would not have expected the collective reaction of fans at the slimy Symbiote with a weird long tongue and scary teeth. Everyone had the hots for Venom and found the beast sexy. I really don't know whether to be amused or sigh at the human condition, but I get where it comes from. I just watched it and noticed that the movie critics were not so impressed but many fans loved it.

As for my opinion, I don't care what the critics say, Venom was fun. I thought I was going to see a man battling his identity and psychological-thriller level angst, but what I got was an unexpected gay romcom between Eddie and Venom. I do agree that there are some silly logical errors in the film, though.

Venom is actually one of the villains in the Spiderman stories and movies (which I admit I know close to nothing about though I've watched a few Avengers films), but this is a stand-alone film. Even if you know nothing of the original comics, you can still get the story.

What the hell seriously
I was anticipating this movie since there's Tom Hardy and I also want to see Riz Ahmed in another mainstream film. He played Bodhi Rook in Rogue One: a Star Wars story (read my review here), one of my favorite films ever.

The movie begins with a spaceship crashing in Malaysia. The body of an astronaut seems sick, and there is something like a parasite that invades the body and infects whoever touches it, then spreads. In the hidden labs of Life Foundation, they experiment on these 'parasites' to see if they can enhance the human body to make it survive in space. These alien parasites are known as 'symbiotes' can't survive without a human host, but so far all their experiments of joining a symbiote with a human body have failed.

Meanwhile, in America, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is a gonzo news reporter. He was given the assignment to cover the company Life Foundation and it's shady CEO, Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). Life Foundation has some shady business going on, like testing on humans and getting them killed. Eddie pushes these questions to Drake during an interview, and he's escorted out. This caused him to lose his job and his girlfriend Anne (Michelle Williams) leaving him. Eddie had snooped around in her e-mail for information on Life Foundation which in turn makes her lose her own job.

When one of the scientists of Life Foundation can't take the practices of Drake, she calls on Eddie for help. She takes him to where they perform these experiments, and Eddie accidentally unleashes a symbiote which invades his body. Eddie doesn't die like the previous subjects of the experiments, so Drake goes after him.

At first, Eddie doesn't realize that a sentient symbiote has invaded his body. He spends some time sick, and when Drake's men are really after him he lets the symbiote take over his body. The symbiote saves him then introduces himself as "Venom" and claims Eddie as his own. Meanwhile, the symbiote from the crash in Malaysia somehow finds itself in the Life Foundation and possesses Drake. Now, Venom and Eddie must try to stop them from letting the symbiotes invade Earth.

The portrayal was okay. Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock was perfect, and it's interesting to see Riz Ahmed play a villain. The antagonist is somewhat like a mix of Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs. He has a point, but the means he uses to get to his goal is questionable.

What really shines in the movie is the relationship between Eddie and Venom. It's amusing to note that it evolves like a courtship - Eddie hesitant at first, then accepts it, then they break apart for a while only to come back together again (this time for good). Venom starts to like Eddie and says that they're sorta the same. Eddie's a loser, Venom says, but Venom himself says that he 'kinda a loser' in his own planet. Venom and Eddie sharing the same body leads to some funny interior monologue. Eddie looks like he's talking to himself a lot and he's getting some odd looks on the street when he's just talking to Venom inside him.

His ex Anne seems to have moved on quickly from Eddie. Her new boyfriend even helps Eddie out by testing him in the hospital and trying to find out his 'sickness'. Anyway, it's one of the few portrayals in a popular film of a healthy breakup and you can't really feel bad about Eddie - he ended up with Venom after all.

As for the story, it really offers nothing new. The effects on Venom were very good, but it's still the same superhero story. Someone gets invaded with an alien object that gives him powers, he's hesitant at first but learns to accept it. Overall, it's a good, fun film. The mid-credit scene suggests that there's a sequel, and since there's Woody Harrelson I'll watch that too.

Friday, October 12, 2018

1st Iloilo Mega Book Fair this November!

This is one of the most exciting news of the year here in Iloilo City! On November 8-11, 2018 in Festive Walk Mall, Iloilo Business Park will be the 1st Iloilo Mega Book Festival (IMBF). This event's goal is to promote reading among Ilonggos and the rich local literature.

There will be various activities such as the 1st West Visayan Book Fair, which will feature 100 books by Ilonggo authors (both historical and contemporary). This aims to promote local literature and raise awareness of the great books by authors from Western Visayas. There will also be Art. Calligraphy, and Writing Workshops and an All Pinoy Bookfair. Last but not the least is the 5th Iloilo Zinefest in which I am one of the writers who will display and sell my own zines.

Me and Charlyn Mateo, one of my writer friends, will once again join the Zinefest. We both joined ZineZoned3 last year and you can read my experience here: #ZineZoned3: Iloilo Zinefest 2017 experience. Zines are short self-published works that could be about anything. I also posted a review of my zine haul last year: Reviews and Reactions: Zines from #Zinezoned3. See you there on November 10-11! We might also have "Poetry in the Moment" again, where you can 'buy poetry' - give us a subject and we'll write on it! My zine will be announced soon and my previous zine will also be available.

This festival is made possible by Book Latte, Kasingkasing Press, Hubon Manunulat, and the Book Development Association of the Philippines. For more information, you can check out and follow the following links and Facebook pages:
Here is the schedule of events for the Book Fair (this schedule is from their press release and may be subject to change):

November 8, 2018 (Thursday): Opening of the 1st West Visayan Book Fair @ Main Atrium of Festive Walk Mall
1:00 PM
Opening Program and Ribbon Cutting
Welcome Message from Festive Walk Mall

1:30 PM
Opening Remarks from Ms. Cristina Estorque of Book Latte

2:00 PM
LitTalk1: The State of Western Visayas Literature Book Publishing by Alex C. Delos Santos of Datu Lubay Center, Inc.

November 9, 2018 (Friday): Art and Writing Workshops 
(for more information about the artists and registration, please refer to this post on Facebook)
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM at MAMUSA Art Bistro
2nd Splashes and Strokes: Watercolor Workshop with Eru Villarta

Learn the essentials of watercolors and learn how to paint amazing landscapes (P500 workshop fee)

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM at Book Latte
The Beginners Calligraphy Workshop with Denise Marie Silva of Tigbato.Ph
Learning the Basics: Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy (P500 workshop fee)

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM at Festive Walk Mall Megaworld
Poetry and Fiction Writing Workshop with Alex C. Delos Santos
Module on poetry and fiction writing (P500 workshop fee)

November 10, 2018 (Saturday): #ZineZoned5: Iloilo Zinefest @ Festive Walk Mall
Queer Shipping: What Makes Queer Fanfiction Attractive to Millenials
Ms. Katte Vergara, Writer

Panel 2: Literary Queer Talks and Identities with Emerging West Visayan Writers
Rei Hontanar, Kamil Estanislao Coo, Fourth Malaga, Leonard Francis Alcoran, Macky Magbanua Torrechilla

How and Why Start a Business: Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs
Ms. Christina Estorque, Book Latte

Kasingkasing Press Book Launching & Book Signing
Salamangka Artbook by Daniel Ledesma Tinagan
Food for the Crows by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
Creepy Ilonggo by Carlo Anton S. Borromeo

POETIKA: an evening of poetry and other expressions

Selling of zines will continue until Sunday, November 11.
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