Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Sunday Currently* | 01

Don't you just love Sundays? For me, it's my time to give myself a foot spa, erase the chipped nail polish, and apply a new color on my nails. Or read a book and forget about the past week and prepare for the week to come. I usually begin a Sunday by going to church early in the morning and hear God's word.

The semester is ending soon, there were a lot of holidays and we need to catch up with readings, reports, and exams.

There's a new consultant for the University Archives working in the library, Mrs. Elizabeth Pulanco. She had a talk for the Archives class and I attended (even if it wasn't my class, I just like listening to people who are experts in their fields because it might be the only time you can hear them speak). She worked as a volunteer in the Archives of the American Baptist Association, which she said was the largest and oldest archives in the US. Since this association is closely tied to Central Philippine University, she found historical things related to our school! She found blueprints of the buildings in CPU, documents regarding the Hopevale massacre, and early newspapers with news on the Philippines. She helped establish the Master of Theological Librarianship course in CPU, where the students are mostly librarians in Southeast Asia.

I had worked in a library in a Buddhist temple, and I talked to her about what I knew about Buddhism in my stay there. I'm surprised myself at how much I know simply by staying in that library and from the people around me! Buddhism is one of my major interests even before I worked in a temple (and that is the reason why I worked in the temple in the first place!), and I have learned a lot and saw that it is different to just read about something and actually see the different culture by living in there. Though there are issues and major differences between Buddhism and Christianity (to me, Buddha is simply a teacher/philosopher, he himself said so, and I am a Christian).

Ms. Pulanco encouraged me to pursue studies in Theology. I've been thinking about that for the past few weeks, after I finish my MLIS degree I'll rest from studying for a year and plan on studying that. I'm still not sure if I'm still going in CPU, I hope I can have a scholarship in another country if possible. It's still just a plan for now, I just hope things line up if I'm meant to do that. But philosophy and theology has been major interests for me, I just like reading about them but I don't know if I'll have the aptitude to study it further in a rigorous academic setting.

I'm so inspired by Ms. Pulanco's presence. She's retired but still an active teacher and she still looks so healthy and young! She studied several degrees (I want to be like that) and worked for various things before becoming a librarian. She was led to the library field as a school she was connected with had a library and she wanted to learn how libraries worked.

The ceramic artist Nelfa Querubin also had an interesting talk on life, love, and work last Feb 14 in the library, but that's for another blog entry!

Valentines week has just passed and I belong to those who roll their eyes at this cheesy holiday. As for me, I love nothing more in the world than reading and learning! 
The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly LaHaye, about temperaments in personality (melancholy, phlegmatic, sanguine, and choleric) and how we can improve as women with our weaknesses according to our personality type. Lately, I've been reading more self-help books about relationships and singleness, than novels or philosophical books. 

I've been reading a lot about singleness, but most of the authors write from a perspective of 'longing to get married and hurting that God did not fulfill it'. Where are the books for ME? Single due to non-interest and it just feels like I don't even belong to the kind of people who are in relationships? I'm just reading a lot about this topic to learn and to have an answer to well-meaning people who ask why I'm still single. Somehow people expect you to be involved with someone at my age. 

But sometimes I choose the books I read, because if you read into them too much you end up longing for that something-you-don't-have. Sometimes even good books can be a gateway for those thoughts *the enemy is wise* and I must be careful to discern them too.

I returned some books I borrowed from my grand-aunt and she let me borrow another novel, The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant, which looks interesting, about artists and the Medicis in Renaissance Italy.
Dreaming of the short stories and fanfiction I'd like to write, but I'm writing this and two other blog entries to be posted this week.
I fell in love with Lana Del Rey's 'The Blackest Day' and I think its her best song so far (Lana Del Rey is my guilty pleasure), and at church we sang Beauty for Ashes by MidCities Worship.
Of Valentines Day the previous week and amusing incidents. A classmate in our group chat accidentally posted a slide show she was supposed to send to her boyfriend, while I haven't seen it that was quite awkward. I don't know if its funny or sad (maybe both) to see high school students dating and doing more blatant PDA, seriously the married couples I know look more chaste than them. There's also the news that around 57 taxis were stopped from entering lodges and motels because the couples were minors. My classmates tell me that contraceptive shelves in convenience stores and pharmacies are empty of products due to the 'holiday'!

Come to think of it, is Valentines Day a celebration of love, or of sex?

Me and my church friends talked that the origin of Valentines Day is pagan, and sometimes its more appropriate to imagine it as some holiday rite to appease some goddess of pleasure and fertility.

Tsk. The world today. But it has always been that way ever since Genesis!
Coffee! A grand-aunt in San Joaquin gave me another pack of Nescafe Taster's Choice House Blend.  ☕
A wish actually came true! But I don't feel like revealing it for now. Abangan sa June!
I'm praying that my contract will be renewed in my job working as a cataloger in Henry Luce III Library. It seems like librarian positions in the city are running out. Even if my salary is minimum at CPU, I feel happy with the work. I just hope I can work there until I find a better-paying opportunity (CPU isn't hiring for permanent positions due to K-12).
A green-and-purple paisley shirt designed like a butterfly, black slacks, and strappy navy blue sandals.
God alone! He will supply all my needs.
Its Monday again tomorrow. Til next Sunday! ☀

*Note: inspiration for the 'Sunday Currently' post is from Maine Mendoza's blog

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