Thursday, July 6, 2017

Victory Church Campus Sunday: IMPACT, lessons from Joseph the Dreamer

I have been blogging about Victory Church's series since the year started. This 2017, the series discussed were: Knowing GodSelfLessBeyond the Signs, and Forward.

This is not a series but a sermon for one Sunday as the church has one 'Campus Sunday' to highlight the missionary activities in various campuses in the city and give the stage to the campus missionaries. Instead of the usual pastor, a campus missionary was given the chance to share the Word of God. This is about the lessons we can learn from Joseph in the Old Testament.

For me, the story of Joseph the Dreamer has such a timeless, classic quality. I can't help but be overwhelmed with emotion at the story of Joseph's faith, suffering, and choosing forgiveness instead of revenge. Joseph faced many trials, but overcame them through faith and had such an impact on himself, his family, and the world. Joseph had hardships but his ultimate destiny was for the good of many people.

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers who were jealous of him and their father's favor on him. In Egypt, he quickly rose to a position of power. Then, he was imprisoned because of an injustice and spent years in prison. His gift of interpreting dreams led him to be the Pharaoh's second in command. When famine hit Egypt, it was Joseph who saved the land.

What can we learn from Joseph?


Everywhere he went or what position he was placed in, Joseph used his God-given talents to excel and he was appointed to positions of leadership. God's favor to Joseph also affected others: the Bible says that God even blessed Potiphar's household for Joseph's sake. 


Joseph was imprisoned because of a wrong accusation. Potiphar's wife had an interest in him and was trying to tempt him constantly. Instead of giving in, Joseph fled and did what was right in God's sight, even if he was wrongly accused and sent to prison. Even then, Joseph didn't regret his decision to obey God.


Joseph, in prison, interpreted the dreams of the Pharaoh's cup bearer and baker. Even then, he was forgotten in prison for years. Yet, when it was Pharaoh's turn to have a dream, it was Joseph who gave its correct meaning. Joseph had the strength to persevere and trust in God through his faith.


The keeper of the prison put Joseph in charge of all the prisoners... The keeper of the prison paid no attention to anything that was in Joseph's charge, because the Lord was with him. And whatever he did, the Lord made it succeed. (Genesis 39:22, 23)
Joseph had the gift of excellent leadership which he used to lead Potiphar's household, the prison, and eventually a whole country. Joseph succeeded everywhere God put him. In Joseph's life, we can truly see that God uses even our bad circumstances for the good of everyone. Joseph was abandoned by his brothers, but who would have thought that Joseph would also help them in the end? Joseph was enslaved and suffered imprisonment, and yet he forgave.

These are Joseph's unforgettable words:
Am I God, to judge and punish you? As far as I'm concerned, God turned into good what you meant for evil. He brought me to the high position I have today so I could save the lives of many people. (Genesis 50:19-20) 

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